Clean Teeth / Info.

Brush your teeth each morning and before going to sleep at night to remove the plaque. Plaque can cause cavities. Do your best good job at brushing into the gums and the grooves in the teeth. It takes about 2 minutes to fully brush all your teeth and gums. Floss your teeth before you get too tired at night. Try flossing when you are listening to music or watching TV. Flossing removes plaque and prevents cavities between teeth.

What is PLAQUE?

It is bad bacteria. If plaque meets sugar in your mouth it forms an acid that eats a whole in your tooth called a cavity. Keep the plaque off by brushing and flossing.

Fun Facts

Humans have a set of baby teeth that eventually fall out and are replaced by adult teeth, which they can keep for their entire lives. Elephants are different, however, they go through six sets of large, brick-like teeth that grow in at the back of their mouths and slowly move to the front as they are worn down. The teeth then fall out and are replaced by fresh ones.